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I’m Sander! I’m from the Netherlands where I was born and raised. At a young age I was interested in computers and how I could hack them in such a way that it could do more with it than it supposed to do😅

In the past I’ve played some games starting with Habbo Hotel. At the time I made a so called fan-page with the price rating of the furniture which was quite a lot of work!

One day I transformed my WYSIWYG edit like site into plain HTML.. So from that moment on I needed to learn HTML to continue with my website and there I discover my love for programming and running services.

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What I do

Short answer, I create things. I love to come up with ideas and get to work.

I also love to work for other people and help them realize their digital dreams! So if you have a great idea don’t wait any longer and get in touch!

No, We Did Not Just Solve Dark Matter and Dark Energy | SciShow News

Allemaal winterse plaatjes nu er een laagje sneeuw ligt. Ook deze Mechelaar bekeek dit ...

Aquaman is a pretty good movie! I’m more of a Marvel guy but some DC are pretty sweet!

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I’m Sander and I’m the administrator of this Mastodon instance. The purpose of this instance is a personal blog, portfolio and place to share my photos and videos.

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